Treatment review: Comfort Zone's Tranquillity Pro-Sleep Massage

Sleep in beauty

Comfort Zone’s Tranquillity Pro-Sleep Massage uses slow, gentle strokes and specially composed music to bring about slumber

The story: Tranquillity Pro-Sleep Massage is designed for those suffering from stress, sleep deprivation or insomnia, helping to induce good-quality sleep.

The technique works by stimulating the three most important sensorial pathways in the body: olfactive, using a blend of cedarwood and sweet orange essential oils to ease the mind; tactile, using a soft brush to apply light pressure to the skin and activate sensorial receptors that help the body de-stress; and hearing, using bespoke music to encourage rest.

The treatment: In consultation, therapist Cortny McCathie covered everything from what I do to relax when stressed to my sleeping habits – how many hours’ sleep I get on average and whether I wake during the night.

My sleep pattern is pretty steady but as I had just worked at a trade show when I had the treatment, I told her I was in need of catching some zzzs.

McCathie began by asking me to take deep breaths of the brand’s signature Tranquillity oil from a bowl beneath the bed, with each inhale helping me to get further into a sleep-like state.

Then, using the brush, she applied the oil on my body, working from my stomach to my arms and down to my legs, and following this with slow, short massage strokes. She then asked me to turn over and performed this process again before moving on to a scalp massage.

The technique was extremely gentle and I was surprised at how quickly I started to drift off. Compared with traditional massages, which are often about pressure and getting the knots out, this treatment’s focus on soft strokes worked to clear my mind and left me feeling really rested.

Business boost: Sleep treatments are on trend and taking on this type of massage in your salon or spa will allow you to reach a client base that’s interested in wellness without having to invest in trained professionals such as doctors and nutritionists.

The gentle strokes also mean therapists will be able to perform massage without having to do an hour of full-on deep-tissue, helping to reduce incidents of repetitive strain injury.
Tried by Amanda Pauley

Comfort Zone recommends charging £60 for the one-hour treatment.