Treatment review: Pevonia RS2 rosacea facial

Designed for clients with rosacea or hyper-sensitivity, the RS2 is a calming facial with hydrating and cooling benefit

The story: The 90-minute RS2 facial and accompanying Ligne Rose skincare line is designed for rosacea-prone skin, with key ingredients including rose, liquorice, chamomile and green tea, designed to cool, strengthen capillaries and reduce redness. Having recently been told by an aesthetic doctor that the pinkness in my cheeks is probably mild rosacea, I was keen to give the RS2 a try.

The treatment: I tried the RS2 treatment at the hands of Pevonia’s trainer Emily Shelley at Ayanna Spa in Holland Park, London. Following the consultation, she began with a cleanse. While most Pevonia facials use warmed towels to cleanse, the RS2 uses cool ones as they are less aggravating to the skin.

Shelley then analysed my skin using a magnifying lamp, noting the broken capillaries and some pigmentation. She then applied an ampoule of RS2 concentrate, using Pevonia’s Wellness Fusion PevoPressure massage technique, with light pressure so as not to aggravate the skin.

Shelley then mixed and painted a green seaweed powder on to my face, layered a gauze mask on top, then added the thick pink RS2 mask. She asked me to indicate how tingly it felt on a scale of one to five by holding up my fingers so as not to dislodge it by talking. It started as a three out of five but quickly cooled.

While it took effect for 15 minutes, Shelley massaged my feet and lower legs and then told me to help the mask detach by moving my mouth in pout and smile motions. When she lifted the dried mask away, it stayed in the shape of my face, which made me laugh.

Once all the seaweed mask residue was removed using cool towels, Shelley applied lotion, eye gel and RS2 Care Cream, before finishing with a spray of Phyto Aromatic Mist Spritz. My skin felt plumped and hydrated and looked very even in colour.

Business boost: Offering targeted facials like this is a great way to broaden your client base as people looking for rosacea facials will soon seek you out if you promote the service well online. The ability to significantly improve a specific skin concern is also a great way to build trust, which will lead to repeat business and increased retail sales.

Tried by Eve Oxberry

Pevonia UK recommends charging between £65 and £75 in the UK for the RS2 Facial.