Tried and tested: Elemis Garden of England Rose Restore massage

The House of Elemis in London has been ramping up its treatment menu to include even more rituals that are body-specific. One of its latest treatments – the Garden of England Rose Restore – is a floral-scented full-body massage that aims to hydrate the skin while also giving worn-out clients a much-needed emotional pick-me-up.

After a thorough consultation that covered everything from ailments to my emotional wellbeing, the treatment began with several spritzes of the brand’s lavenderinfused British Botanicals Mist to help me unwind, before moving onto a lime-scented foot cleanse using hot mitts.

The therapist then worked on one half of my body, using a variety of techniques such as pressure massage and kneading, working from my leg up to my lower back, shoulder, neck and arm, and then repeated this process on the other side.

The massage was light to medium in pressure, helping to increase blood and lymphatic circulation, and the Rose Balm used nourished my dehydrated skin with its blended formula of rose essential oil and poppy seed oil. I was then wrapped up in a waffle sheet – the increased warmth helping my skin absorb the oils – before finishing off with a relaxing scalp massage.

The treatment left me feeling calm and content and the aches I had in my right shoulder were much better. The scents used were strong without being overpowering but this treatment would be a dream for those who love lavender and rose aromas.

Tried by Amanda Pauley. 

Contact Elemis on 0117 316 1888 for more information.