Tried and tested: Katherine Daniels Velvet Skin Body Treatment and Skin Radiance Facial

The lowdown: Brit brand Katherine Daniels has created a series of face and body treatments especially for Y Spa in Bedfordshire and invited me down to try one of the best. Velvet Skin Body Treatment and Skin Radiance Facial is one 50-minute treatment designed to get both face and body glowing.

How it works: The therapy began with a body scrub using the brand’s Gentle Oil & Salt Exfoliator, which uses sea salt mixed with a blend of essential oils and has a lovely rose scent. My therapist massaged it on then used a warm mitt to remove it before brushing the last grains away with a dry cloth. She then asked me to choose between firming and hydrating. I opted for the first and she applied the brand’s Firming Hydrating Cream all over.

Next came the facial part, which used Katherine Daniels’ Skin Essentials line. The products are very gentle, fresh and soothing, and include a cleansing milk that melts into a fluid on the skin, plus a toner and exfoliator that contain algae and seaweed extracts to detoxify and brighten. The facial also includes the use of a Perfector microcurrent machine on its deep-cleansing setting, alongside a conductive gel. This, my therapist tells me, helps detoxify the skin while encouraging lymphatic drainage.

The verdict: The treatment was a lovely way to treat both face and body in under an hour so you don’t have to choose between the two. It’s bound to be popular with the groups of friends and hen parties who visit Y Spa. I took some products home to carry on with and have developed an addiction to the Micellar Face & Eye Make-up Remover, which is light and perfect for summer.

For more information contact Fraser Muir on 01767 682288

Tried by Eve Oxberry

Image: ©Katherine Daniels