UK’s most popular beauty and aesthetic treatments revealed

Published 13th Apr 2023 by PB Admin

Laser hair removal, builder gel and microblading are among the most searched beauty treatments in the UK according to new data. 

The list comes from analysis of TikTok views, hashtags and videos made of beauty and aesthetic treatment-related videos, using Exolyt data and performed by beauty retailer Justmylook.

The most popular beauty and aesthetic treatments in the UK

Beauty/ aesthetic treatment  Monthly searches 
Laser hair removal 90,500
Builder gel / Biab nails 60,500
Microblading 49,500
Microneedling 49,500
Botox 40,500
Brow lamination 40,500
Lip filler 40,500
Buccal fat removal 18,100
Chemical peel 14,800
Henna brow 12,100
Cheek filler 9,900
Lip blush 9,900
Morpheus8 9,900
Undereye filler 9,900
Chin filler 6,600
Vampire facial 6,600
Dermal roller 4,400

The study also looked at which areas of the country favour which treatments. It found that Greater London is the city searching the most for beauty and aesthetic treatments, with 109,690 online searches in total each month.

Londoners made 400% more monthly searches for their favourite beauty treatment than the West Midlands, which followed in second place.

Greater London residents search 22,200 times each month for “laser hair removal”, the most searched-for treatment in the UK, said Justmylook.

Which beauty treatments are most popular in each area of the country?

Region Most Popular Treatment Search Volume each month
Greater London Laser Hair Removal 22,200
West Midlands Laser Hair Removal 4,400
Greater Manchester Builder gel / Biab nails 4,400
West Yorkshire Laser Hair Removal 3,600
Hampshire Laser Hair Removal 1,900
Essex Laser Hair Removal 1,900
Lancashire Builder gel / Biab nails 1,900
Merseyside Builder gel / Biab nails 1,900
Kent Laser Hair Removal 1,600
South Yorkshire Laser Hair Removal 1,300

Which aesthetic treatments go wrong most often?

In partnership with aesthetic safety body Saveface, Justmylook also investigated 2,824 aesthetic treatment complaints from Saveface’s records of the past year, to find which treatments had the highest complaint rate in 2022, in order to raise awareness of the potential risks.

The findings showed that dermal filler was by far the most complained about aesthetic treatment in the UK in 2022 with 1,948 complaints, followed by botox (677), thread lifts (188), IPL/laser (33) then fat-dissolving injections (29).

Of the 1,948 complaints about dermal fillers, 67% (around 1,300) were about lip fillers, and 12% about cheek fillers. 

Which beauty treatments get most complaints?

Separately, Justmylook analysed online data to find out which beauty treatments (as opposed to aesthetic procedures) are the most complained about, looking at the number of online searches across the UK for beauty treatment queries in relation to them going wrong and having bad reactions.

It found facial lasering is the most complained about beauty treatment, followed by microneedling, then laser hair removal, chemical peels, microblading, brow lamination, dermal rollering and henna brows.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 13th Apr 2023

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