UK on-demand treatment-booking app re-brands to Urban and adds osteopathy

London-based on-demand mobile booking app Urban Massage has changed its name to Urban. The re-brand has also introduced new services in a bid to “reflect its commitment to holistic wellness”.

Customers can now book nail services, Dermalogica facials and osteopathy treatments through the app, using it to select their chosen therapist or practitioner and book an appointment at their home within the hour.

Oestopathy consultations and treatments with General Osteopathic Council-registered practitioners have been added to the range of bookable services to help city-dwellers address issues that require a different approach than massage.  

The new services are currently only available in London, though Urban operates on-demand massage in Manchester and Birmingham.

Urban surveyed its existing customer base to demand for new services. 37% specified counseling, yoga and meditation, and the company has set its sights on developing the app to offer a “full self-care suite” of fitness and wellness services by the end of 2019.

There are also plans to move into areas including retail products and digital services by 2020, while "City hubs" are being trialled for a later launch date, whereby Urban will partner with key hotels or spas to provide therapists for guest services such as in-room treatments or to fill temporary staff shortages. 

Urban chief executive and co-founder Jack Tang commented: “After four years of optimising our experience, it’s time for us to address the wider needs of our customers by expanding into new service categories – not only because it’s a great step for us a business, but also because we believe we need a full arsenal of treatments to truly help people feel equipped to handle city life.

"We’re starting with three new services, very much in line with our current offering – osteopathy, facials and nails – and hope to add fitness, yoga and mental wellbeing-focused activities like meditation and counselling to the roster soon.”