UK spas prepare to support Global Wellness Day

Global Wellness Day (GWD) kicks off tomorrow (June 11), with more than 100 countries set to participate and events organised in over 3,000 global locations.

Businesses, organisations and local governments the world over will take part in the event, designed to draw attention to the importance of wellbeing, good health and a balanced lifestyle.

Established in Turkey in Turkey in 2012, GWD has grown year-on-year and now has ambassadors in 83 countries around the world, as well as 21 global "key supporters".

In the UK, the lead ambassador is spa consultant Liz Holmes, who is best known for her previous roles as spa director at Rockliffe Hall and head of beauty at Virgin Active. Holmes said: “We really want the UK to be a global ambassador. It’s a fantastic opportunity to reach new customers and markets, whether you’re a spa or health club providing wellness advice, a hotel promoting relaxation or a restaurant offering healthy eating options. There are so many ways to get involved."

Dedicated to “living well,” GWD was launched by Belgin Aksoy, founder of Turkish destination spa Richmond Nua Wellness Spa, with seven key steps at the core of its philosophy.
The seven steps, which consumers the world over are encouraged to as much as possible incorporate into their daily routine, are:
Walk for an hour
Drink more water
Do not use plastic bottles
Eat organic foods
Do a good deed
Have a family dinner
Sleep at 10pm

Businesses involved in the event include Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, Accor, Anantara Resorts, Jumeirah Spa Resorts, Q Hotels, Bannatyne’s, Ramside Hall, Virgin Active and Red Door by Elizabeth Arden.

Countries participating include Austria, where Best Alpine Wellness Hotels will be celebrating the day across its different properties; France, where 600 loactions across 300 cities and regions are offically suporting the event; and Spain where nearly 30 locations will be involved.

Other particpating countries include Turkey, where an event in KüçükÇiftlik Park in Istanbul featuring activities such as yoga, zumba, pilates, a music concert and nutrition-related elements is expected to attract around 10,000 people, and the US, where a three mile “fun run” will take place in Jackonville, Florida, followed by yoga and dance classes.

GWD 2016 has been dedicated to the memory of Charlene Florian, chief creative officer of skincare brand Kerstin Florian, who passed away from cancer in March. GWD has, in collaboration with the Turkish Foundation For Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats, planted 200 trees in Florian’s memory. Find out more about Global Wellness Day on their website