5 ways to upsell your lash and brow aftercare products

Published 27th Jan 2020 by PB Admin
5 ways to upsell your lash and brow aftercare products

Are you promoting lash and brow after care to your clients? These care tips from Lash Perfect will ensure your clients keep their lashes and brows looking their best, helping to prevent any lash infill dramas, improving longevity and giving you excellent upselling opportunities.

 1. Clean lashes daily

Keeping lash extensions clean sometimes feels like a chore, but a good cleansing routine with oil-free products is one of the most important rituals to ensure lash longevity.

Lash Perfect’s Lift Off Foaming CleanserEyelash Cleansing Cloth and Cleansing Wipes are all oil-free for fuss-free cleansing and make-up removal.

2. Oil-free products only

Any lash extension wearers' worst enemy is oil. It breaks down adhesive bonds, meaning lashes fall prematurely. If your client wants to wear mascara, make sure they opt for an oil-free one, and care should also be taken with any products used around the lashes, including eyeliner.

Recommend Lash Perfect Black Mascara with Lash Enhancing SerumPerfect Black Mascara or Soft Kohl Black Eyeliner Pencil to clients who wish to add more impact with eye make-up.

3. Brush lashes daily 

Giving lashes a quick brush every morning, and a couple times throughout the day, will stop extensions from getting tangled and keep them perfectly in place.

Lash Perfect recommend its Lash Wands. These reusable, handbag-friendly mascara wands are housed in a handy tube, making them great for clients on the go. They are available in five options with stunning designs.

4. Brows need conditioning too

Just like the hair on your head, your brows need conditioning too. After brow treatments, advise your clients to use a nourishing, conditioning brow serum to help keep their brows in the best condition. 

A quick sweep over brows in the morning and evening with Hi Brow Growth and Conditioning Serum will make a difference, and will help especially if your clients are trying to grow their brows to meet the fuller brow trend.

5. Tweeze with ease 

Even after the best wax or thread treatment, sneaky hairs can reappear sooner than anyone would like. High-quality tweezers are a must-have accessory to ensure the hair is removed from the root on the first try – this avoids stubbly brows and too much pain.

Hi Brow Black Titanium Tweezers are great to retail to clients between appointments to keep their brows in check. 

All products prices are RRP ex VAT. To discover more about stocking Lash Perfect products and the wholesale cost prices please call 020 8500 9028.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 27th Jan 2020

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