5 ways nail techs can upsell to clients during a manicure

Published 25th Nov 2019 by PB Admin
5 ways nail techs can upsell to clients during a manicure

It is a common concern for nails techs – trying to find the best way to upsell to clients during a natural nail treatment. Although daunting, there are many ways to upsell. Here are five foolproof techniques:

  1. First and foremost, always suggest that your client takes care of their cuticles and nails with the use of cuticle oil. This will ensure the manicure looks neater for longer. 

  1. Applying a hand cream with a sensational aroma during your manicure treatment is also a great and easy way to retail. If the client can see it is non-greasy it is most likely going to be making its way into their bag and out of your door. 

  1. If your client is going on holiday it is always useful to offer the opportunity to purchase the matching polish colour to the gel-polish or lacquer you have applied. Explain to the client that if there are any breakages or chips they can be repaired with the matching polish. 

  1. Gel remover sachets are the best invention, and also make your next treatment with your client even quicker. Clients find them super easy to use, they are inexpensive and a really simple retail item. 

  1. Remember, retailing doesn’t have to be scary. You are simply making suggestions to your client so that they can prolong their treatment and ensure their nails are in tip-top condition. 

You should see it as part of your manicure treatment and it should be something that every client receives. You are the professional and everyone always appreciates an expert opinion.

Stella CoxStella Cox is head educator for ReNew Beauty, which distributes nail brands Bio Sculpture, Evo, Elim and Essence Glitter. 


PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 25th Nov 2019

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