Using electrolysis for advanced blemish removal

Skin is the largest organ of the body and is prone to damage through time caused by natural ageing, UV light, environmental factors and health conditions. This damage can result in blemishes and disorders considered cosmetically unattractive.

Due to NHS financial restrictions on performing any treatments considered ‘cosmetic’, consumers are actively looking for an alternative to their GP; someone able to perform these treatments safely and at a reasonable price. 

The beauty industry is well qualified to fill this gap in the market by offering professionalism, experience and an excellent standard of treatment. One way in which advanced blemish removal can be carried out is through electrolysis.

Along with qualified electrologists, nurses, doctors and dentists are now expanding their portfolio with these versatile and effective skills in order to offer their clients continued professional treatments. 

The electrolysis treatment process uses an alternating, high frequency electrical current and just the very tip of a needle, about the size of an eyelash, to coagulate, cauterise or desiccate vascular and non-vascular blemishes depending on the current levels used.

Thorough training is required prior to performing any of these low-cost, high-return treatments, and Sterex Electrolysis offers this training at Level 4 which covers the treatment of the following blemishes:

The Level 5 Certificate in Advanced Blemish Removal is foundation degree level and is an advanced treatment qualification aimed at Level 4 qualified practitioners who wish to add these additional areas to their Level 4 treatment offerings:

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