Valentine's nail art tutorial: love hearts

Get the look:

1. Prep the nail. File to shape, push back cuticles and buff nail plate

2. Cleanse nails, then apply a bonder like Gellux Fast Bond and dry

3. Apply a thin layer of base coat, capping the edges of the nail. Cure

4. Using a pale pink, such as Gellux's Cherry Blossom, apply two thin layers to nails, making sure to cap the edges. Cure between coats

5. Next, apply a vibrant red like Gellux's Love Affair three quarters of the way down the ring finger and half way down the index finger and cure. Apply a second coat and cure only on the ring finger. Repeat this process for the other hand

6. Add a thin strip of glitter, such as Gellux Glam, along the ring finger to finish the design. Cure. Repeat on other hand. 

7. Apply your pale pink colour to half of the index finger and the virbant red to the other half – do not cure. Using a dotting tool or tooth pick, create three heart shapes down the centre of the nail, blending the two colours together. Cure. Repeat the process on other hand

8. Next, put a thin layer of your pale pink onto the pinky finger and using your dotting tool, scratch hearts into the layer using your red. This will create a vibrant red scratch heart effect. Cure. Repeat process

9. Finish with a top coat, being sure to cap the edges, then cure. Wipe off the sticky layer and apply cuticle oil.

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