62% of Brits say value for money is top reason they leave positive salon review

New research has shown the reasons behind customers choosing to leave a review after a beauty salon treatment, with value then experience named the top two factors.

The data, from Capital Hair and Beauty, showed that offering a discount on a customer’s next service in exchange for a positive review is not an effective tactic, with only 12% of Brits saying that they would do this.

Despite few being incentivised by a discount code to leave a positive review, 77% of consumers take a note of online reviews when browsing local businesses to seek treatments or services.

The main factor that is likely to persuade someone to leave a positive review after a hair or beauty service is great value for money (62%).

Other positive review-worthy qualities that were high on the list were positive overall experience (56%), being happy with the results of the treatment or service (57%) and the professional having a warm personality (41%).

For a significant portion of customers, it is the small things that encourage a positive review. More than a quarter (27%) of customers, said that simply being offered complimentary extras such as a cup of tea and a magazine is all of the encouragement that they need to leave a positive review online.

When it comes to negative reviews, 57% said that leaving an appointment dissatisfied with the service would lead to a negative review, 45% would if the overall experience was considered overpriced and 44% would if the service was not as expected.

Forgetfulness is also a factor when it comes to reviews, with a fifth (21%) of customers saying that they "sometimes leave a positive review of treatments or services, if I remember to do so".

Alongside this research, Capital Hair and Beauty also looked at the number of hair, beauty, and nail establishments with average Google reviews of four stars or more in 30+ major UK towns and cities outside of London.

Overall, Norwich came out on top with the fewest number of residents for each of its highly rated hair, nail and beauty salons.

For beauty salons alone, Norwich was the highest rated with 213 four star+ reviews for 660 people. This was closely followed by Dundee, Oxford, York and Kingston Upon Hull.

For nail salons, Norwich came out on top too, this time followed by Southampton, Hull, Stoke-on-Trent, and Aberdeen.

Birmingham was also found to be the UK’s hotspot for great mobile beauty therapists, with 93 top-rated professionals on Google. 

Samantha Shamplina-Burkwood, marketing manager at Capital Hair and Beauty, commented on the findings, saying, “It’s encouraging to see the positive reviews being left for hair, beauty, and nail technicians across the country. It goes without saying that good feedback, especially in the public domain, is invaluable to those working within in the industry. 

“As well as helping to draw in new clients, they aid in building up the excellent reputation of a business, whether you’re working as part of a bigger salon, or going it alone as freelancer, each positive review should be celebrated and encouraged. 

“If you’re a consumer who has received excellent treatment or is simply happy with the outcome of their appointment, we encourage you to leave kind feedback online for others to read and take note of. Afterall, your small act could really help a struggling business to gain more exposure, and in turn, more clients, so it really is worth taking the time to do so.” 

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