Vein Away – the new gold standard in thread vein removal

Promotional feature

Naturastudios has partnered with leading thread and spider vein specialist Dr Brian Newman to launch Vein Away by Physioskin in the UK. 

The innovative treatment uses the principle of Thermosclerosis, an ultra-fast radiofrequency of 27.12 MHz, which sends a pulse from the tip of a filament for precision and accuracy.

This precision technology targets superficial skin imperfections, such as thread veins, spider veins and skin tags to remove them completely in as little as one treatment.

Extensive research has shown that 27.12 MHz areas of target are limited close to the filament. The new PhysioSKIN uses takes full advantage of this precision to coagulate spider veins in a very precise and concentrated way.

The powerful frequency of 27.12 MHz is controlled in a short cycle time of milliseconds, as opposed to other frequencies, where the pattern of heat is up to three times higher. With its patented precise technology and its fully adjustable parameters, Vein Away provides a safe and effective treatment with immediate, visible results, giving greater comfort to the patients.

Vein Away brand ambassador Dr Brian Newman supports the technology and says: "I have worked over 20 years developing treatments for spider veins. Vein Away system adds a new perspective in virtually painless, minimally invasive therapy for small blood vessels and skin blemishes. I can add my support to the many practitioners who are getting excellent results with the new Vein Away patented technology.”