Voya launches sensitive skincare range

Irish organic skincare brand Voya has launched its first ever sensitive skincare range.

The Sensitive Skin Facial Range combines the restorative properties of seaweed with minerals, vitamins and natural active ingredients to help calm, soothe and desensitise reactive skin.

There are seven products in the range – the Radiance exfoliating gel (£37), Palmarosa Balm facial serum (£53), Visage eye mask (£37), Balmelicious lip balm (£10), Bright Eyes eye crème (£33), Me Time anti-ageing moisturiser (£51), and Cleanse and Mend cleanser (£23).

Radiance, Palmarosa and Visage are brand new products, while Balmelicious, Bright Eyes, Me Time and Cleanse and Mend are current Voya products with enhanced formulas.