Warpaint Make-up Championships 2017: the results

The Warpaint Make-up Championships 2017 took place at Professional Beauty London on February 26–27, offering six competitive categories for both aspiring and accomplished MUAs.

Entrants flaunted their creativity by bringing this year’s themes – 20th Century British Fashion Designers, The French Revolution, Love is All Around, Spring Wedding and Mesmerising Eyes – to life, transforming their models into walking works of art.

Judges looked for originality, interpretation of theme, use of colour, styling, model choice and overall impact. #Instawarpaint photographic: mesmerising eyes was the competition’s only online category.

The winners and runners up for each of the Warpaint Make-up categories were:

Theme: Love is All Around
Judges: Jennie Roberts, Catriona Finlayson and Brierley Thorpe

Professional category winners:

First: Jenny Marquis
Second: Karen Harvey
Third: Shelley Grey

Student category winners:

First: Stephanie Harrison
Second: Mazz Hannah
Third: Millie Redrup

Theme: 20th Century British Fashion Designers
Judges: Tiffany Kissler and Terri Pace

Professional category winners:

First: Erika Toth
Second: Louise Charalambous
Third: Karen Harvey

Student category winners:

First: Jessica Curtis
Second: Lauren English
Third: Hannah Edge

Film & TV
Theme: The French Revolution
Judges: Mike Peel and Catriona Finlayson

Professional category winners:

First: Angela Youngs
Second: Cindy Ellingham

Student category winners:

First: Claire Golby
Second: Donna Brown
Third: Victoria MUA

Real Beauty
Theme: Spring Bride
Judges: Shana Josephs, Jennie Roberts and Jo Peters

Professional category winners:

First: Vanisha Solanki
Second: Kristina Jankunaite
Third: Kate Walker 

Student category winners:

First: Leanna Keating
Second: Rhianne Gallagher
Third: Emma Bird

#Instawarpaint Photographic
Theme: Mesmerising Eyes
Judge: Maria Malone-Guerbaa

First: Robyn Starks
Second: Suzanna Forrister-Beer
Third: Fiona McFarlane 

Rising Star
Rhianne Gallagher

Pro Artist
Jenny Marquis

College Cup
City College, Norwich

Image: ©Facebook/@WarpaintMagazine