How to wax clients with sensitive skin

Q: I’m nervous about waxing clients with sensitive skin. What’s the best approach?

There are a number of ways to approach waxing clients with sensitive skin but the key thing to remember is it’s all about delivering maximum comfort and minimum irritation.

Firstly, talk clients through what to expect from the treatment and advise them to use a gentle exfoliant prior to coming in – but not on the day of their wax as this could increase their sensitivity to pain.

Exfoliation is so important as it will help the wax adhere to the hair rather than the skin. Advise your client to check the area that’s going to be waxed beforehand to ensure its OK to treat – there should be no inflammation or broken skin.

There are also several factors to consider when choosing an appropriate wax. Firstly, a wax with a low melting point is best to ensure it isn’t too hot for the client when it’s applied. Waxes that are less sticky will also result in less skin pull, which will create a more comfortable experience.

For clients with ultra-sensitive skin, use a wax that’s suitable for those allergic to colophony (a natural substance obtained by distillation of oil from trees of the pine family) as it’s much gentler.

Aftercare advice is also essential. After treatment, advise clients to avoid heat, friction from tight clothes and chlorinated pools, and to invest in a post-wax product to reduce redness, soreness and ingrown hairs, should they occur.

Steven WrightSteven Wright is founder and director of Australian waxing brand Outback Organics and wholesale beauty distributor Essential Beauty Supplies.