Wellness for Cancer provides donation-based access to training

Wellness for Cancer (WFC), a global authority in education for cancer wellness treatments, is offering foundational training to those who make a donation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Providing donation-based access has been a top priority for us, but with the Covid-19 crisis, we’ve decided that this is an ideal time to encourage spa therapists and wellness professionals to focus on building a strong foundation on being cancer-aware,” says Julie Bach, the executive director of Wellness for Cancer. 

“With many global training budgets tightening – and with many spa therapists finding themselves temporarily out of work – donation-based access has emerged as a way to continue to provide this important training.” 

The training aims to break down barriers and boost the confidence of therapists who are practising massage on clients with cancer. It supplies globally accredited and CIBTAC-endorsed training and, after completion, therapists can proceed to hands-on training from Wellness for Cancer, or any other cancer-focused educator to receive full certification to provide massage and body services. 

The home-study program, which includes assignments and online lectures, has been expanded with live access to regional trainers online so trainers can learn remotely. “Regional trainers are crucial during this time, as the need for social togetherness and feeling part of the industry is increasingly important,” says Bach. 

What does the course involve?

The 16-hour foundational course includes textbook module work, online lectures and five live 60-minute lectures with regionally based tutors in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, India and Africa. This course is split in to three sections: 

Cancer Foundations: The introductory module covers many areas, including how to be cancer aware, the psychological impact of cancer and how to adapt a massage for a client.

Linking Treatments and Side Effects: Topics in this session include key sides effects to the body and its systems, adapting massage for anti-cancer therapies, as well as a focus on the lymphatic system. 

Creating a Personalised Session: The final session will cover how to perform a client consultation, things to consider with different types of medications and understanding the long-term effects of anti-cancer therapies.

Enrolment for the first session begins 27 March, with access to regional trainers online beginning 14 April. Sign up for the donation-based training here.

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