West Ham United women’s team appoints football’s first-ever skin consultant

The West Ham United women’s team has done a first in football – appointing a skin consultant to give advice to players on how to care for their skin while working their high-octane jobs.

Dr Raul Cetto, who works closely with the team’s sponsor ZO Skin Health, will help the players take a proactive approach to skin health both on and off the pitch, especially how to deal with weather extremes and environmental factors such as UV and pollution damage

“Skincare is a very underrated part of the health routine and it’s easy to forget that the skin is the largest organ in our body. We need to look after it and it needs maintenance,” said Cetto.  

“In West Ham United women’s players, we’re talking about high-performance athletes. Just like there are people who look after their nutrition, the skin needs attention too. Footballers are constantly exposed to ultraviolet radiation because of the sun, so the skin on players really needs taking care of.” 

ZO Skin Health originally partnered with West Ham in March 2019 in one of the biggest sponsorship agreements in the Women’s Super League, and after a successful six months has extended the contract. 

Cetto’s medical career spans 12 years and he is a specialist in non-surgical facial aesthetics. He leads the Advanced ZO Skin Health Training at Wigmore Medical and is an associate member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine. 

Jack Sullivan, West Ham United women's team managing director, added: “In supplying our team with their own Skin Consultant, ZO Skin Health are continuing to show that the wellbeing of our players is at the forefront of their considerations.” 

Image: West Ham United players with skin consultant Dr Raul Cetto