What causes spider veins and how can we remove them?

Spider veins, also known as telangiectasia, are dilated blood vessels commonly seen on the sides of the nose, cheeks, and chin, measuring between 0.5mm-1mm. 

While generally harmless, broken vessels can become a nuisance and affect our self-esteem. However, they are typically easily treatable. The first step is to find the underlying cause. 

Potential causes of spider veins

Spider veins on the face can develop at any age, but some people are more likely to develop them than others. 

It’s important to establish the potential cause to treat the vein effectively. If the cause is not known and eliminated, new veins are likely to appear again. 

Genes: People whose family members experience spider veins are more likely to have them too.

Sun exposure: Sun damage can enlarge the blood vessels and draw them closer to the skin.

Weather changes: Drastic changes in the weather may affect the circulation in the body, causing the skin in the face to flush. The blood vessels may burst, causing a spider vein.

Changes in pressure: Sudden, extreme changes in pressure may cause small broken blood vessels to appear. An exceptionally hard sneeze or vomiting can cause this change.

Pregnancy: Hormonal changes during pregnancy may also cause broken blood vessels. Pregnancy-related spider veins usually disappear after giving birth.

Environmental irritants: Exposure to certain chemicals or environmental pollutants may damage the skin and make blood vessels more visible.

General redness: People with this often experience spider veins. This is a common condition that causes the skin to become flushed and red due to enlarged veins.

Alcohol consumption: Alcohol can dilate the blood vessels temporarily. Frequent alcohol consumption may lead to longer-lasting broken blood vessels and facial redness.

Injuries: Head injuries that cause bruising may also cause broken blood vessels. Here, the blood vessels will often heal as the bruise does. 

How can we treat spider veins?

One of the most effective ways to can treat spider veins on the face is through laser treatment. 

3D Vasculase from 3D Aesthetics is an advanced thread vein removal technology, which targets unwanted thread veins and broken capillaries. 

The laser works by applying a narrow, 980 nm laser beam to target the vein using precise application. 

The red blood cells in the thread veins absorb the laser energy, causing the blood within the vein to heat up and coagulate, damaging the wall of the vein. 

This reaction causes the thread vein to break down, the body absorbs the vein, causing it to disappear. 

The treatment can target thread veins in various areas of the body, including thighs, calves, ankles and face.

What are the benefits of using 3D-Vasculase?

• No course required, like with IPL

• Small and compact system

• Fast treatment times

• Visible results

• Removes up to 90% of thread veins in a single session*

• No damage to the skin

• Great upsell opportunity from all face and body treatments.


Before and after 3D-Vasculase treatment

What is the treatment process and how many sessions are required?

In most cases, just one treatment is required and clients can see the vein visibly disappearing during treatment.

However, a client’s treatment plan will need to be assessed during the consultation and before each treatment, as this may vary depending on each person’s needs. 

Clients should remember this treatment does not mean that new veins won’t develop. 

What will clients experience during treatment?

As the laser technology is used, the client will feel a minor heat sensation across the skin. 

Afterwards, the area may appear red, but this is just the skin’s natural reaction and it should settle within 24 hours for facial treatments and 3-6 weeks for legs. 

To find out more about how the 3D Vasculase machine can benefit your business, speak to a member of the 3D Aesthetics team today on 01788 550440, or visit the 3D Aesthetics website to request a free quotation.

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*Results may vary

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