Why nine in 10 British women are unhappy with their skin...

In news that will sadden beauty professionals everywhere, nine in 10 British women are unhappy with the appearance of their skin, according to a new study by Japanese skincare brand Hado Labo Tokyo.

The research, titled Fresh Faced: Mapping Out The Secret To Lifelong Healthy Skin, quizzed 1,000 women aged 35 and over and found that dryness is the most common skincare complaint among British women, followed by closely by dullness and dark eye circles. Redness was also an issue for those surveyed. 

68% or British women take time out of their day for their skincare routine, the report found, with more than half following a cleanse-tone-moisturise routine and 38% using a scrub or wash followed by a moisturiser.

Around 17% opt for just soap and water for their daily cleanse, while 25% use a facial wipe instead of cleanser. However, with more people returning to the office in a new hybrid model of working, more than half (64%) said it was prompting them to bring their skincare back into sharper focus. 

7 most common complaints British women have with their skin:

  • Dryness (60%)
  • Dullness (42%)
  • Dark eye circles (35%)
  • Fine lines (27%)
  • Uneven skin tone (27%)
  • Redness (27%)
  • Itchy skin (26%). 

The survey also discovered that British women can experience a wide range of different skin health issues. For example, more than a quarter (27%) experience sunburn, 24% acne, 24% eczema, 18% cold sores, and 9% psoriasis. Meanwhile, 8% also suffer with rosacea – check out our guide to this skin condition's causes, symptoms and best treatment.

More than half (60%) also reported that their motivation for caring for their skin was wanting to look good for themselves, and said their priority is looking good for their age rather than trying to look younger.

Those surveyed also revealed their top role models who they think have embraced their age well, with actress Hellen Mirren coming out top (57%), followed closely by actress Joanna Lumley (42%) and TV presenter Davina McCall (40%). 

The brand's findings also revealed the impact that two years living through coronavirus has had on our skincare routines. Almost a quarter of those surveyed said they dropped their skincare routine during the pandemic, though 18% reported their commitment to their skincare routine has improved.

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