What is tantouring and how do I do it?

Published 05th Apr 2017 by PB Admin
What is tantouring and how do I do it?

Using spray tan products to define the face and body, known as “tantouring”, is in vogue right now. Here's how you can offer this advanced technique in salon:

Using tanning products to sculpt and define the face and body, known as “tantouring”, is very much in vogue right now, resulting in increasing demand to offer this advanced technique in salon.

Imagine being able to market an instantly enhanced cleavage, slimmer legs, face shading and even a six-pack to your customers? Tantouring can take your spray-tan business to the next level, helping you stand out from the competition and increase client loyalty.

The technique is simple to do and the application process becomes easier with practice. After conducting a full-body spray-tan, take the time to assess the areas the client wants you to add definition to.

For example, if they want slimmer and longer looking legs then aim to lengthen them using a darker DHA shade at the outer and top of the inner thighs, avoiding over-applying the product, before creating a lighter panel down the front of the legs, giving a leaner, more toned appearance.

If the client wants their cleavage enhanced then apply two dark half-moons to give depth, creating a deeper and fuller bust line. When it comes to defining the face, shade the areas naturally indented, including under the cheekbone and the outer brow.

To achieve this look, you also need to ensure your spray tanning equipment is in excellent working order and suitable for the task, so make sure to do regular maintenance checks.

Lisa Barnett is a tanning expert for Norvell, which provides professional tanning products to salon and mobile therapists, as well as training in spray tan techniques and business building.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 05th Apr 2017

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