What to consider before launching a medispa

Nowadays, many doctors and spa professionals are partnering to create their own unique, profitable businesses.

During the development of a spa project, your money and time need to be managed efficiently. In order to do so, there are a few areas to consider before embarking on the journey. 

It’s crucial to develop a concept that will differentiate your business from competitors. You may want to become a niche provider and focus on specific treatment areas like ethnic skincare or perhaps organic skincare as an enhancement to cosmetic surgery. 

Have a solid business plan that will map out the financial figures from construction to operation, with a five-year projection. Whether you’re planning to inject your own capital or attract investors to your business, a thorough plan will give a clear vision to all parties involved about the spa’s proposition and its profitability. 

When aiming for a fully functional and optimal space, there should be no shortcuts in the design process. A spa design consultant will be able to work with your selected interior design firm to ensure that the layout is not just pleasant but maximised to its best functional potential. 

In terms of staff, this is a high-turnover industry and requires fully certified personnel such as aestheticians with continuing education certifications, dermatologists, visiting or resident doctors, and registered nurses. 

Creating standard operating procedures is something many owners neglect to do, but these processes are very important to the successful operation of your business. Ongoing implementation and reinforcement of these procedures is critical to ensure the delivery of an exceptional spa experience. 

Maria Antonela Axinte is regional director MENA at WTS International. She is also a Dubai-based spa and wellness consultant with 17 years’ experience on projects and operations, with various international brands including Stawood and Rotana.