Women’s fitness named as key future focus for wellness

Women’s fitness and menopause-management will emerge as key industry topics in the near future, according to an exclusive survey commissioned by Active Wellness, WSW’s 360-degree fitness event which will run alongside the 2019 WSW Convention and Professional Beauty London show.

The survey asked 300 owners, directors and managers of health and fitness clubs, hotels, leisure facilities, resorts and spas what they thought the biggest upcoming trends in the fitness industry would be. Health and fitness for menopausal women, physical and mental fitness for women specifically, and strength training methods for women were all cited by respondents, of which the largest proportion were health and fitness clubs (26%). 

Reflecting the increasing amalgamation of fitness with spa and wellness, 85% of spas who took part in the survey said they currently have a fitness offering, while the remaining spa businesses said they didn’t, but all said they have plans to introduce exercise options.

Among the total respondents from all business types who said they would introduce some type of fitness offer, fitness classes were the most popular choice at 35%, followed by a gym (31%), personal training (28%), and fitness assessment and training programmes (27%), all within the next one to two years.