What to know before expanding your salon into a chain

Published 19th Jan 2019 by PB Admin
What to know before expanding your salon into a chain

You've built up a strong salon business and the natural next step is expansion. But how do you avoid the pitfalls and make it a success? Sara Shoemark, owner of Glow Beauty, has three salons in Wrexham, Chester and Mold, and knows a thing or two about making growth work.

5 crucial things to think about when planning an expansion:

1. Learn to delegate

It’s vital to be able to trust your team and ask for their support. You’ve got to mentor them to be as good, if not better than you at looking after clients to leave you with time to look after the business’s expansion.

2. Have solid systems in place

You must have tried and tested systems and procedures in place so that everyone knows their role, how they’ve got to do it, and when.

3. Keep consistency throughout the business

Multiple salons don’t have to be identical but they do have to have a consistent feel. Your clients and staff can be very different between sites but make sure you know your business’s identity.

4. Stay on top of the figures

Profit is essential – you can’t function without making money, and you’ve really got to look after your stock for that. It helps to be able to move stock around multiple sites when you need something at one of the salons, so keep a close eye on where everything is.

5. It’s an opportunity to build your client base and secure staff

Expanding helps with client base growth and retention, but it can also have the same effect on staff. If an employee wants to progress it’s great to be able to move them to one of the other salons that needs a manager, for example.

For more helpful advice and tips, visit Professional Beauty’s YouTube page.

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PB Admin

Published 19th Jan 2019

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