What treatments are best for clients with sleep issues?

Published 22nd Nov 2016 by PB Admin
What treatments are best for clients with sleep issues?

Skin practitioner Monique Hart reveals what treatments are best for those suffering from sleepless nights. 

Rest is the body’s greatest healer, so when sleep goes out of kilter it can have a significant impact on our everyday lives, potentially heightening stress, anxiety and health issues.

Essential oils like lavender help decrease heart rate and blood pressure, aiding sleep – even just the smell has a calming effect on the body. Incorporating these oils into massage treatments as a service add-on, and gifting clients with the remaining blend so they can use it to help them drift off at home, can make all the difference to how they feel.

Reiki is also great for rebalancing the body and mind, which results in better sleep. Add it to your menu as a standalone treatment or add-on service so clients can experience its benefits. It’s also worthwhile conducting workshops and open days as a way to help raise awareness about the wellbeing aspects of essential oils and Reiki in treating insomnia.

If you’re not a holistic therapist then I’d advise looking for one within your local community because you may be able to make connections and work with other businesses. This will bring new clients to your salon or spa, increase your connections and expand your treatment plans.

Driven by my own experience of dealing with insomnia, I’ve incorporated the natural healing elements of essential oils, Reiki principles and colour therapy into The Hart Spa Signature treatment. It helps relax the mind so clients can drift off into a blissful state.

Monique Hart is a skin practitioner and owner of The Hart Spa in Middleton, Tamworth, which focuses on natural wellness.

PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 22nd Nov 2016

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