Why a blend of acids gives the best skin peeling results

For professional skin peels, using a careful blend of acids is always best, as each acid comes with its own molecule size which means it penetrates the skin at different rates, which lowers any cause for sensitivity without compromising on results. 

The Exuviance Professional Peel System, now exclusive to Shop Beautiful, offers professional practitioners flexibility and strength options to address clients’ specific skin types and conditions. Masters in the AHA, these peels use a combination of acids (AHAs, PHAs, mandelic and glycolic acid) for unrivalled results. 

It’s worth noting too that you’ll find AHAs and gentle acids lurking in a lot of the brand’s serums and creams to peel as you protect and renew, which is peace of mind if glow is on your shopping list.

Exuviance offers a complete line of skin-transforming products that address every concern, both in the treatment room and at home, from cleansers, toners and serums to moisturisers, treatments, masques and their professional peel system.

The dermatologist-developed skincare contains innovative formulations that promote Skin Fitness and luxurious botanicals that comfort the skin. The bespoke protocols are clinically developed to provide superior treatment experiences.

The story goes that while researching the powers of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) to help our skin, two Princeton University based-dermatologists discovered much more than they had bargained for. It turns out that AHA could deliver way more transformative bang for our skin buck than they had originally thought, able to smooth texture, hold onto moisture and help with signs of ageing too.  

So impressed were they that the duo, Dr Eugene Van Scott and Dr Ruey Yu, went on to not only create the world’s first AHA peel, but go on to build an entire patented brand around its powers, and they called it Exuviance.

Of course, the best way to know if a brand is worth the hype is to try it for yourself.  Let us know how you get on – we have high hopes for your skin’s big reveal.

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