Why looking after your therapists mentally and physically is crucial

Anxiety and stress can easily befall therapists if they aren't cared for at work. Pure Massage Spa Training Method co-founder Beata Aleksandrowicz shares some simple changes you can make to prevent them from burnout.

The industry is growing, with more people going to spas, and most of them wanting a massage. Therapists very often are not prepared to fulfil the high demand. Because of that, they burnout, go into a state of anxiety and become stressed out.

There are two main causes. Firstly, it’s improper techniques that cause problems with elbows, wrists and lower back, and secondly, therapists are not getting enough breaks. The first thing to recognise is that therapists have unusual needs in terms of the way they need to be managed and taken care of.

Therapists also need training – not only on the level of massage techniques, but also in how to self-develop. Also, look at things like your equipment. Simple things like tables that don’t adjust will create lots of pressure on the posture of the therapist. Uniforms are often tight – they don’t give therapists any movement.

All of this will have an impact. Another important thing is their self-care – doing stretches and taking breaks between treatments. Your therapists are the most important element of your business because without them your spa basically doesn’t exist.

If they give this deep quality of treatment, then the client will come, and the profit will come with that. The most important thing is routines. If your therapists understand how profound their work is and how much the result depends on their wellbeing, they will create daily routines for things like breathing and meditation. When they start work, ask them to make sure everything is in place.

Between treatments they need to stretch and drink plenty of water even if they are busy. They need movement to take care of their bodies, whether that’s through yoga, pilates or just walking. Therapists cannot give good treatments if they are not looking after themselves. Make sure yours are making time for themselves.

Beata Aleksandrowicz is co-founder of the Pure Massage Spa Training Method, which provides spas worldwide with advanced training in modern massage techniques that protect therapists from injury.