Win an Accor Cosmetic Corrector Plasma Pen package

In partnership with Professional Beauty, The Smart Group is giving away an ACCOR Cosmetic corrector plasma pen full package including training and marketing support worth £6000+VAT.

The competition is open to Level 3 therapists and salon or clinic owners.

What is the ACCOR Cosmetic Corrector Plasma Pen?

Plasma technology is fast becoming one of the most innovative and in-demand treatments for skin tightening, deep set wrinkle reduction and mole and skin tag removal. It can also treat pigmentation conditions.

In short, a plasma pen is a hand held device positioned a few mm above the skin that releases a miniature “lightning bolt” plasma arc to instantly vaporise a small segment of skin tissue, a process called sublimation. This causes the surrounding tissue to tighten together allowing for a wide range of treatments.

How does it differ from other plasma devices on the market?

ACCOR Cosmetic Corrector plasma pen, is the number one plasma device in Germany and the only Plasma Corrector which is accepted by Austria, due to it's safety record. With a proven track record since 2013, ACCOR is the only device which has a history of success, amongst the several new devices now on the market. In addition the "First in World" NF+ technology allows ACCOR to deliver treatments for better results and quicker healing.

Which indications will it treat?

Eye lid lift, crows feet, under eye lift, glabella (frown lines), nasolabial lifting, jowl and neck lift, soft face lift, pigmentation, skin tags, blemishes, mole and birth mark removal, loose skin, small tattoo removal, breast lift, non-invasive tummy tuck and many more. 

What are the commercial benefits for my salon? 

The ACCOR plasma pen can provide an instant solution to skin conditions and indications that normally may require invasive surgery, at the fraction of the price and considerable less down time to the client.

All ACCOR operators are provided with an inclusive 2 days of 1-2-1 certified professional training. Salons are supported by a robust training and support network of fellow ACCOR professionals and trainers providing a peer review of treatments within a closed network, ensuring ACCOR practitioners deliver constant improvement in treatment delivery and excellence.     

How can I enter the competition?                               

It couldn’t be easier to enter. Simply visit stand M74 at Professional Beauty London on 25-26 February 2018. You can register HERE for your FREE ticket to the show.