Winter skincare: 6 tips to pass on to clients

What better time to talk to clients about looking after their skin than in the winter. They’ve probably already noticed changes in their skin due to exposure to central heating and cold weather, which is why you should be using your expertise to help clients switch up their routine to get their complexion looking radiant again.

This is your opportunity to give expert advice on homecare, ensuring clients are using the correct products, achieving great results. Your customers will leave the salon feeling happy, radiant and glowing, which is great for retention.

6 skin tips to give your clients during the winter months: 

1. Stay hydrated

My number one rule is to drink plenty of water. I know this can be difficult when the weather is cold but suggest to your clients that they opt for hot lemon water or herbal teas instead. 

2. Cleanse with a treatment cleanser

This will remove make-up, oil and dirt but also hydrate skin. I recommend the Elemis Cleansing Balm which my team have nicknamed a “spa in a jar”. The wonderful thing is it doubles up as mask, which is perfect to use while soaking in the bath.

3. Don’t forget to tone

A lot of people skip toning because they don’t understand the benefits. Tell your clients to avoid toners with a high alcohol content as these can be drying and to always go for an alcohol-free mist with plant extracts because these are perfect for hydrating and balancing skin. 

4. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

This is vitally important to remove dead cells and give skin a youthful glow. Again this step is often missed but advise your clients to use it when in the shower one to two times per week – a time-saving exercising with skin benefits. There are many different types of exfoliators but I’d avoid those containing microbeads, as the UK has banned them.

5. Invest in natural

I tell clients to use a moisturiser with natural ingredients and to avoid petroleum-based creams because they contain ingredients that sit on the skin and can be drying. One of my favourite ingredients is hyaluronic acid which absorbs moisture into the skin.

6. Make a plan

Advise your clients to have monthly facials and when they ask why, use your knowledge to list the benefits, which includes rejuvenation properties, detoxification of the skin, preventative measure towards ageing and a reduction in stress levels.

Elaine Beattie is owner of All About You – Urban Beauty Retreat in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, which won the 2018 North East Boutique Salon of the Year Professional Beauty Regional Award

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