Waxing tips from new brand Winzawax

We catch up with Sherie Dickinson, founder of new salon waxing brand Winzawax, to find out how she developed the brand and get her top tips for flawless hair removal 

What is your background and what led you to launch Winzawax?
Having worked in the beauty industry for ten years using a range of different depilatory wax products, I'd never been completely happy with the results. I went to my local wholesalers one day and thought "I've tried all of these waxes and don't like any if them, I would love to make my own", so that's what I did. I researched every  wax on the market, including those not being sold in the UK. I then started to develop my own. It took three long years, and I have created a wax brand that I truly believe in.

How are the products different from others on the market?
We launched with four products: Chocolate and Hazelnut Hot Wax, Raspberry Strip Wax, Pre-wax Cleanser, and After Wax Lotion.

Our Chocolate and Hazelnut Hot Wax is not like any other hot wax. It has a super-soft formula that will not split and crack on removal. You can interlink the pieces of wax together to avoid the "flick, flick, ouch!" It picks up the finer, softer hairs, so there's no need to reapply with strip wax. It's gentle, so there's less redness and irritation on the skin.

The Raspberry Strip Wax is red for visibility, so you can see exactly where the wax is and there's no chance of missing a patch, like you sometimes can with translucent waxes. It leaves the skin feeling smooth with no stickiness . Even the paper used to remove the wax feels dry to the touch. It's kind to the skin, so waxing doesn't hurt as much and there's hardly any redness and when clients get home after a wax they're not covered in fluff. This wax is so gentle it can be used on any part of the body.

What are your plans for the brand?
We launched in the UK in May and are launching in Australia and United Arab Emirates this month. Winzawax is affordable to everyone as we want all therapists, from mobile beauty therapist to top hotels and spas, to use the brand. I want it to be available across the board. 

What is your number-one waxing tip for therapists?
Personally I prefer not to use oil, as I believe it compromises the adhesion of the wax to the hair, so you have to reapply several times. This is more uncomfortable for your client because they will have to hold the position for longer, it's more time consuming and you use way more product than needs be.I also find that some clients perspire when having a wax treatment, especially if they're nervous, so if you put oil and sweat into the mix, your wax won't be sticking to anything. Also oil on open folicles is a big no no for me. 

Instead, I prefer a light dusting of powder when waxing anywhere from the neck down. It is optional, but I love it because it creates a nice barrier on the skin, absorbs any moisture, and it graps all of the hairs. After the wax treatment I recommend you recleanse the area to remove any powder residue and to help kill any bacteria in the open follicles.