57% of women delaying cervical screenings while they can’t get a wax

Almost three in five women (57%) who rely on professional waxing services admitted to putting off their cervical screening due to not being “perfectly preened” during the coronavirus lockdown, found myGP, a healthcare app used to book GP appointments.

As a result, myGP has launched the #myCat campaign, a new cervical cancer awareness campaign inviting women to post a picture of a cat that best represents their current “lady garden”, using the hashtag #myCat.

The campaign’s aim is to reduce embarrassment and promote the fact that “any lockdown look” is welcome at screening appointments.

The myGP study also revealed that 56% of women admitted to missing cervical screening appointments because of intimate hair growth, even before the pandemic. As wax-lovers desperately wait for salons to reopen, potentially thousands of women may avoid their cervical screening and risk their health.

Hillary Cannon, chief marketing officer at myGP and three times cancer survivor, said “The campaign’s cheeky ‘Bushy, bare or half-way there?’ messaging allows the discussion of a serious issue under the veil of laughter, which makes it easier for everyone to participate.

“Most importantly, the campaign reinforces the message that there is no normal and there is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to your health, or to the way your body looks,” she added.

The #mycat campaign is part of myGP’s ongoing “Remind Us” campaign, which is calling for Government to centralise all cancer screening SMS reminders in the interest of getting 780,000 more people to attend their appointments each year.

Research was commissioned by myGP in January 2021 and asked a poll of 500 women, aged 25-65, who regularly attend a beauty salon for professional hair removal.

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