Women in the UK prioritise the workplace flexibly to exercise during the day

Published 25th Feb 2017 by PB Admin
Women in the UK prioritise the workplace flexibly to exercise during the day

Workplace flexibility that allows time to exercise during the day is important to women in the UK, according to new research.

A survey conducted by recruitment company Robert Walters found that 68% of women think its import to have enough flexibility at work to exercise during their lunch break.

However, only 32% of women said their employer currently offers this level of flexibility. Janine Blacksley, associate director at Robert Walters, said:

“For all professionals, particularly those with families, finding time outside of work hours to concentrate on health and fitness can be difficult. 

“By offering flexibility around time spent out of the office during the day, employers can show their commitment to helping professionals achieve a good balance between work and family life, as well as maintain their health and well-being.”

The survey also revealed that eight out of 10 women consider some type of subsidised healthcare an important criteria in a potential new employer.

Just over half or survey respondents said their employer offers subsidised healthcare at the moment. Blacksley said:

“Employers can consider subsidised healthcare an investment not only in attracting top female talent but also in ensuring long term staff retention.”

“Employers who make the decision to invest in subsidised healthcare send a powerful message that they acknowledge the other priorities of their staff and respect the importance of their health.”


PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 25th Feb 2017

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