Quarter of UK women say coronavirus lockdown has aged them

More than a quarter (27%) of UK women feel that being stuck indoors during Covid-19 lockdown has aged them, according to research by new non-surgical cosmetic treatments digital marketplace Glowday. The 25-to-34-year-old category feels this the most, with under half (44%) stating lockdown aged their face, the report found.  

As a result, 43% of women would now consider an aesthetic treatment. Just under a quarter (23%) have had or would consider botox, almost 20% would consider another type of injectable such as dermal filler or threads, while others are keen to have microneedling (20%), chemical peels (23%) and laser hair removal (43%). 

Almost a quarter (22%) of women say these treatments boost their confidence, which rises to 31% in the 25–34 age category. However, 47% said they didn’t know what to look for when it comes to finding a qualified practitioner and 38% were unsure about how safe certain treatments are, the report found.   

The survey also revealed that nearly three quarters (73%) feel uncomfortable talking to friends about aesthetics treatments and asking them for advice, while 77% felt the same way about speaking to family members and 8% colleagues at work. 

When asked what the important things are to consider when booking in for a treatment, one in 10 rated seeing “lots of beautiful before and after [pictures] on Instagram” above cleanliness. 

These findings come from new digital marketplace Glowday, which conducted a survey to gauge interest in aesthetic treatments among UK women post-lockdown. 

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