WSW Convention speaker in the spotlight: Jessica Shea

The World Spa & Wellness Convention coming to ExCeL London on February 25th - 26thwill feature topical industry issues and high-profile names from around the world.

Jessica Shea, director, global brand spa at Hilton Hotels & Resorts tells about what she will be covering, and why industry events matter.

What would you like delegates to take away from your presentation?

I think it’s important for the industry to share universal challenges and hear potential solutions. We’re all facing a staffing crisis and can benefit from different organisations’ perspectives on what to do about it. I would like to share some of the tactics we’re implementing at Hilton to remain a top employer of spa and fitness professionals.

What are the key reasons you want to speak at the convention?

As a spa leader, I find so much value in listening to industry experts. When you work in a hotel spa, you often feel like you’re on an island with little understanding of your department from other colleagues. Solutions that apply in other areas of the hotel don’t always work in the spa and real empathy comes from your friends in the industry and the leaders who inspire ideas and solutions.

Why is Solving the Staffing Crisis: Advances in Flexible Working and Leadership Development, an important topic to address?

The industry can’t thrive without providing continuous growth and development opportunities for spa and fitness professionals. We need to attract and retain caring, talented professionals into service provider and management positions to meet the increasing demand for wellness services.

How do you feel about public speaking?

I enjoy it. When I’m passionate about a topic, it’s a gift to be able to share my perspective.

Why is it important for industry professionals to attend events like the World Spa & Wellness Convention?

It’s the best way to feel supported, inspired and refreshed. Hopefully knowledge and insight is gained and delegates can then return to their spas with a clear vision and new motivation. Caring for the wellbeing of others can be draining; it’s so important to recharge at these events.

What do you look for from the industry events you attend?

I look at who will be attending; the suppliers, speakers and colleagues. I want to be inspired by the speakers, learn what’s new from suppliers and network with the attendees.

In what direction do you anticipate the spa and wellness sector moving in the next 10 years?

We can see wellness moving to the forefront of consumer choice, more than ever playing a central role in people’s decisions about travel and leisure time. As an industry, we have a great opportunity to capitalise on the demand by providing spa and fitness experiences that match consumers’ desire for convenience, accessibility and meaning.

Jessica Shea is on the Solving the Staffing Crisis: Advances in Flexible Working and Leadership Development panel at 14.15 on Monday, February 26

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