How to improve your spa’s communication skills

Amanda Hardy, spa guest relations manager at Serenity Spa Seaham Hall in Durham, which won the North East Spa of the Year 2017 Professional Beauty Regional Award, explains how improving your internal communications can enhance the guest experience and your spa’s reputation.  

Communication is an integral part of any spa and it can really make or break your business.

There are so many different types of communication, including face-to-face, telephone, email, websites, social media platforms and more, to those methods that may drift into the background with the fast-paced and technological world we work and live in.

Great communication can be hard to come by and it’s something that needs real work.  Often some individuals are better at communicating than others and this can then be visible to customers, affecting the chance of a return visit to your spa or salon, which could be detrimental to your repeat visitor rates and inevitably, the success of your business. 

On the other hand, great communication can be very effective and enhance guests’ experiences with immediate effect. From something as simple as a profile note with a Happy Birthday message, to a pre-arrival email to confirm you’re looking forward to welcoming them to your spa or salon. 

How do I execute my communications effectively?                                                                  

If you think from the start of the guest experience, perhaps initially looking at your desired spa website or social media platforms, communication is at the forefront of any potential guests’ mind. You need to think about:

Why is an internal communication strategy the key to success?

Communication internally is the key to success. Your employees must all be on the same page. Ensure you take the time to communicate face-to-face with your team members – do not rely on emails – and they will feel fully involved and engaged, promoting a higher success rate. 

Great ways to communicate internally are team talks, noticeboards, mood boards and handovers. A great one between teams is also What’s App or instant messaging communications. I’ve found these really useful for delivering messages effectively.

It’s clear that not each person will communicate in the same way as the other, and that is not the expectation. Communication in a large spa will differ to a small salon, but whatever forms of communication you use in your business, make them effective and success will follow.

Hardy’s top tip

Remember “Me Cards” – These can be used in staff areas to record special guest requests. For example, Dr Smith prefers a large double treatment room with lots of open space and natural light.  This information can then be updated on customer profiles and can be very effective.

Image: ©Serenity Spa at Seaham Hall

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