YSL Beauty teases new era: here's why beauty giants are rebranding

Published 23rd Feb 2024 by Lollie Hancock

Earlier this week, YSL Beauty’s 11.8m Instagram followers were shocked when the luxury beauty brand initiated a social media blackout across its channels.

Today (February 23), the brand shared a teaser video hinting at a new era as it shared how its “about to go over the edge”, leaving fans questioning what’s next for the beauty giant.

The video, below, stirred up excitement for fans of the brand, with one user commenting "omg i am sooo ready 🖤" whilst another added "Yesss I can’t wait 😍"

Ahead of dropping the teaser video, YSL Beauty shared two posts to its Instagram stories yesterday (February 22), inviting followers to “dare to guess what’s coming” and pushing followers to check out the brand’s new Threads profile for those who “want to know before everyone”.

The new account from the brand creates a space for die-hard fans to access inside drops and exclusive access to the world of YSL Beauty. 


The new account from the brand creates a space for die-hard fans to access inside drops and exclusive access to the world of YSL Beauty. 

Prior to 2pm today, the Threads account, which has a following of 545,000, had been made private.

YSL Beauty has now given the first hint into what beauty fanatics and MUAs can expect next, telling its followers “Let’s dare to be bold”.

Speaking on the new direction for the brand, Jordan Radi, global director of consumer engagement for YSL Beauty, said, “This move is signatory of YSL Beauty entering a new chapter.

“By refreshing social channels, we not only create excitement, but we enter into the modern world of social media speaking to younger audiences in a captivating way.

“It’s a whole new level of intimacy and proximity with our audience; and it’s a promise we intend to keep.”


Why do brands undergo rebranding? 

Business mentor and coach Poppy Owen explains, “Brands are reinventing themselves left right and centre. Want to know why? Because the way people are buying is changing. The way people are influenced is changing. The way people are using social media to buy is changing.”

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“Customers and clients are craving authenticity, real results and demanding more trustworthy brands.

“If brands do not change the way they position themselves, their brand, and their marketing, they’re going to be left behind.

“The beauty of this is that brands already have people watching them via social media, so the benefit of reinventing themselves at any given moment or establishing a major relaunch means that they already have the audience.

“It’s now about taking them on a journey with them, to build up more connection and trust with the customers to make them feel a part of the brand.

“Most rebrands happen due to creating more alignment with current trends or they’re going in a new direction with who they’re trying to target or problem they want to solve.”


How can beauty salons create social media buzz surrounding rebrands?

 So, if you own a beauty business, how do you know if you need a rebrand?

Owen says, “If you’re thinking to yourself, ‘Does my salon need a rebrand?’ Ask yourself this question: ‘Does the vibe of the salon and clients still resonate with the original branding?’

“Have you progressed, has your personality changed, or do you want to attract a new type of client?  Does your current branding align? If not, it’s time for a change!”

Her top tip for salon owners undergoing a rebrand is to “take your clients and audience along the journey with you, especially via social media. Make them feel involved with input. That way, they will feel closer to your brand.”

Lollie Hancock

Lollie Hancock

Published 23rd Feb 2024

Lollie Hancock is a content writer at Professional Beauty. She creates content for the website, magazine and social media channels. Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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