Meet the host of the IMF Conference 2020

As host of the International Manufacturers & Distributors Forum (IMF) Valerie Kaminov is instrumental in organising this influential global gathering for manufacturers, brand owners and distributors. Through her extensive global network of unparalleled contacts and expert guidance, the conference has become well-recognised for the valuable business intelligence it provides and the opportunity it offers delegates to connect with global industry leaders.

Valerie’s wealth of knowledge comes from over 20 years of being at the forefront of the global cosmetics industry, during this time she has worked with a vast array of luxury, premium and niche beauty brands and fragrances. Her extensive expertise, commercial acumen and practical experience are much sought after by both iconic global brands and newly emerging talents. Her skill in international growth strategies and business development is combined with an inspirational and forward-thinking approach. Through her exceptional insight and understanding of the industry Valerie has helped brands amplify their market reach on an international scale, elevate their brand presence and improve their performance. There is no-one better placed to host this professional conference.

Valerie Kaminov is Founder and Managing Director of the highly successful International Luxury Brand Consultancy based in London. 

In Conversation with Valerie Kaminov:


Briefly explain the idea behind the IMF: what the conference is about and who is the target audience?

We designed the IMF Conference as a forum to enable access to global experts, discuss industry challenges and meet with fellow professionals. There is a lot of emphasis on engagement, not just between the speakers and the audience but through delegate networking. These shared conversations can help steer business plans as well as provide value and benefit to the attendees. Many deals have been done at the IMF.

What is one thing that each delegate will take away from the event?

It is hard to name one thing as the IMF offers so much to the delegates but top of the list would be ‘Insight’ as our conference is styled to deliver a more considered approach and discussion on each topic whilst our speakers and panellists are some of the leading business figures in the beauty and cosmetics industry. It is a rare opportunity to hear from the best.

Are you able to talk about some key speakers and what their topics will be? 

The 2020 line up is a dream team. We have a programme of speakers who range from fragrance to finance, lasers to leading retailers, innovators to industry intelligence experts and award-winning entrepreneurs – we have them all. Check out the full programme here.

What has been your favourite moment at the IMF over the past 5 years? 

I love it when the passion and enthusiasm of a speaker creates a vitality in the room, it electrifies the ambience and energises the delegates. It adds to the connectivity between the speakers and the audience, we all can still get excited by the wealth of knowledge that IMF attracts.

Why is it important for professionals to attend conferences like IMF?

Our industry is continuing to evolve at a very fast-paced whilst businesses are becoming ever more global so events like the IMF provide an important platform for professional development. We choose topics that are relevant and currently impacting our industry, our invited speakers are experts in their field and the knowledge our delegates take away helps them make a more considered and informed decision.

What will someone attending your session take-away and be able to apply to their business/career? 

It is not just about being inspired but it also about being informed, attending the IMF has been specifically created for attendees to learn how to grow their business and improve their existing practices. My personal recommendation is to really take advantage of the opportunity to interact with the speakers and their fellow attendees.

The IMF will be taking place at Professional Beauty London, which is being held at ExCel London on October 11–12.