Ectoin skincare and brown-toned make-up are top trends for 2024

Published 05th Dec 2023 by Ellen Cummings

Cherry cola-coloured lips, lavender chrome nails and skincare containing ectoin are among the beauty and skincare trends which are set to influence styles in 2024, according to online beauty buyer’s club Beauty Pie.

Beauty Pie's 2024 Beauty Trends Report reveals the top 10 beauty trends that ruled in 2023, as well as the hottest skincare, makeup, hair, body, wellness and nail trends that are set to be everywhere in 2024. 

Researchers at the company analysed millions of data points for over 300 different trends to create the report.

2024 beauty trends 

To discover the ingredients, products, techniques, and approaches that will be trending in 2024, Beauty Pie’s research team tracked and analysed Google search volume for hundreds of new trends. 

By calculating the total number of Google searches over the past six months and comparing it with the previous six months, the beauty experts have revealed which ones are seeing the biggest spike in popularity in the run-up to 2024. 

Cherry cola lips (+2,215%) and espresso make-up (+678%) are two make-up looks in the top 10, and chocolate milk nails (+1,350%), lavender chrome nails (+369%), and milk bath nails (+286%) are three nail trends that are set to influence 2024.

  1. Scandi hairline +6,748% (increase in Google searches compared to 6 months ago)
  2. Cherry cola lips +2,215%
  3. Chocolate milk nails +1,350%
  4. Espresso make-up +679%
  5. Butterfly bob +466%
  6. Lavender chrome nails +369%
  7. Preppy bob +311%
  8. Milk bath nails +286%
  9. Vanilla chai hair +257%
  10. Latte hair +204%

2024 skincare trends

Look out hyaluronic acid and niacinamide – there’s a new star ingredient in town. 

Skincare ingredient ectoin has been revealed as the biggest skincare trend for the year ahead.

This amino acid helps to reduce oxidative stress and cell inflammation, protecting skin from external aggressors and binding moisture to the skin. 

The researchers at Beauty Pie also found that hard-working SPFs will lead the way in 2024, as spray SPF, vitamin C sunscreen and ceramide-boosted formulas all feature in the top 10 biggest skincare trends.

  1. Ectoin skincare +163%
  2. Skin streaming (streamlining your skincare routine) +138% 
  3. Spray SPF +90%
  4. Ginseng cleansing oil +89%
  5. Strawberry serum +57%
  6. Reverse skincare (cleansing, then applying moisturiser and then applying products) +57%
  7. Vitamin C sunscreen +53%
  8. Bio retinol +47%
  9. Ceramide sunscreen +42%
  10. Hypochlorous acid +39%

2024 make-up trends

Brown tones are back in. In fact, five of the top 10 biggest make-up trends for next year all focus on cream-brown tones. 

Cherry cola lips claim the top spot with Google searches increasing by 2,215%, followed by espresso make-up, toffee make-up, the ultimate noughties' throwback – concealer lips, and honey lips are also in the list.

Blushing beauties are also key for next year, with red, coral and bold blush all seeing a huge rise in Google searches as we head into the new year.

  1. Cherry cola lips +2,215%
  2. Espresso make-up +678%
  3. Old money make-up +149%
  4. Eyebrow extensions +113%
  5. Toffee make-up +70%
  6. Concealer lips +42%
  7. Red blush +34%
  8. Coral blush +23%
  9. Honey lips +18%
  10. Bold blush +17% 

2024 nail trends

The research shows chrome is here to stay, with lavender chrome nails seeing a popularity increase of 369%, oyster nails up by 161% and nude chrome nails have increased by 128%. 

The classic French mani also features, but with a twist, as neon French tips, metallic and double French tips all appear in the ranking.

  1. Chocolate milk nails +1,350%
  2. Lavender chrome nails +369%
  3. Milk bath nails +286%
  4. Neon French tip +189%
  5. Oyster nails +161%
  6. Nude chrome nails +128%
  7. Balletcore nails +109%
  8. Pistachio nails +107%
  9. Metallic French tip +45%
  10. Double French tip +45%

2024 body and wellness trends 

Serum deodorant is formulated with AHAs to help with odour, but also brighten the darker underarm area, and it’s the biggest body and wellness trend that’s increasing in popularity the most ahead of 2024 – it’s also not the only revolutionary deodorant to make the list, as whole-body deodorants also feature, in fifth place. 

Elsewhere in the top 10, other body care trends like pheromone perfume, fake tan freckles, beetroot gummies and microinfusion feature in the ranking. 

  1. Serum deodorant +172%
  2. Body shimmer oil +158%
  3. Pheromone perfume +77%
  4. Fake tan freckles +77%
  5. Whole body deodorant +71%
  6. Body microneedling +69%
  7. Silicone body scrubber +64%
  8. Beetroot gummies +55%
  9. Rice scrub +55% 
  10. Microinfusion +48%

Need a refresher? Here are the biggest beauty trends from 2023.

Beauty Pie analysed the popularity of different trends on social media platforms and Google to discover the biggest trends of 2023 – combining the total number of Tiktok views, Instagram posts, Pinterest boards and the annual search volume on Google over the past 12 months for each trend.

Press-on nails have come a long way since they were last popular in the late noughties and with almost 8bn total engagements, they’re the number one biggest beauty trend of 2023, according to the study.

In third place with 3.1 billion engagements was glass skin – check out our article about skin flooding here.

Other trends in the top 10 include microneedling, lymphatic drainage, ceramides and faux freckles. 

  1. Press-on nails - 7,907,169,916 total engagements
  2. Curtain bangs - 4,214,738,547 total engagements
  3. Glass skin - 3,101,564,216 total engagements
  4. Microneedling - 1,710,737,723 total engagements
  5. Chrome nails - 1,504,317,315 total engagements
  6. Barbie make-up - 1,200,762,049 total engagements
  7. Heatless waves - 1,100,086,904 total engagements
  8. Lymphatic drainage - 1,001,693,834 total engagement
  9. Ceramides - 688,556,835 total engagements
  10. Faux freckles - 608,406,040 total engagements

Do these trends match up with what your clients have been asking for? Let us know in the comments...

Ellen Cummings

Ellen Cummings

Published 05th Dec 2023

Ellen Cummings is the senior content writer at Professional Beauty, working across the magazine and online. Contact her at [email protected]

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