How to provide a more comfortable laser hair removal experience

Published 22nd Apr 2024

Laser hair removal doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience – by keeping up with the latest technology and understanding your clients’ needs, you can boost your business and enhance client satisfaction and comfort.

The team at Alma Lasers reveals its top tips and tricks for elevating your clients’ laser hair removal experience.

1. New technology for speed

Speed and comfort remain two of the biggest priorities for maintaining client satisfaction.

The quest for faster, more comfortable laser hair removal has taken a leap forward with Alma Lasers' special edition Soprano Titanium.

Building upon the award-winning Soprano platform, this upgraded system has been validated as the quickest laser hair removal treatment on the market (as validated by independent global research agency Sapio Research when compared with leading global laser hair removal brands), while maintaining its renowned comfort.

This translates to a win-win situation for both practitioners and patients.

2. Maintaining comfort

Market research suggests that while speed is a consideration for many clients, it's often balanced with other factors like comfort, effectiveness and convenience. 

Offering options that cater to different preferences can help businesses attract a broader client base.

The special edition Soprano Titanium leverages the core technologies of the original platform:

  • SHR (Super Hair Removal): This approach delivers more energy with minimal discomfort, allowing swift treatment of areas like underarms in just 21 seconds.

    The in-motion technique ensures even hair reduction and is safe for all skin tones.

  • 3D Simultaneous Lasing: The Soprano's diode laser combines three wavelengths (ALEX, SPEED, and Nd:YAG) to target hair follicles at various depths simultaneously, making it effective on a diverse range of skin types.

  • Ice Plus: Each applicator boasts an ice-cold tip that continuously cools the skin to -3°C during treatment. This ensures comfortable sessions without the need for external cooling methods.

  • Smartclinic: Gain 24/7 access to data and analytics on system performance and treatment efficiency, guaranteeing optimal device utilisation.

3. More energy to the skin

The Trio Max applicator features a 4cm² spot size and an improved high fluence mode, it delivers more total energy to the skin than ever before. 

This translates to faster results, shorter treatment times, and a reduced total number of sessions. In fact, the special edition Soprano Titanium can cut treatment times by 20%!

Despite the increased power, patient comfort remains paramount thanks to the patented Ice Plus cooling system.

Boosting business with faster hair removal

Alma’s special edition Soprano Titanium unlocks the next level of laser hair removal for your salon. 

Faster, more powerful treatments lead to shorter appointments and a reduced treatment course, making it ideal for busy clients.

It also means that you can fit more clients in per day, helping to boost your revenue.

Explore how the special edition Soprano Titanium can elevate your business success. Contact Alma today.

This is a sponsored story in partnership with Alma Lasers.

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