UK named fourth biggest market for beauty products in Europe

Published 22nd Apr 2024 by PB Admin

New data has revealed that the UK ranks fourth in Europe when it comes to spend on cosmetics and personal care items.

Germany took the top spot, with €13.6 billion (£11.7bn) spent in 2021.

Which European countries spend the most on beauty products?

Using data sourced from Statista, marketing company Upbeat Agency found the European countries spending the most on cosmetics and personal care items.

In second place was France, with a total of 11.97bn (£10.34bn) spent in 2021, with L’Oréal Paris as the leading cosmetic brand, valued at $12.03bn (£10.39bn) in 2023. In third place was Italy, spending 10.64bn (£9.19bn) in 2021. 

The United Kingdom took fourth place, spending 9.89bn (£8.54bn), and Spain rounded out the top five, with 6.9bn (£5.96bn). 

The country with the sixth highest amount spent in 2021 was Poland, with 4bn (£3.45bn), and the Netherlands ranked seventh, with 2.9bn (£2.5bn).

In eighth place was Sweden, with 2.23bn (£1.92bn), and taking the penultimate place in the ranking was Belgium and Luxembourg, with 2bn (£1.7bn). 

Switzerland concluded the top ten, spending 1.87bn (£1.62bn) on cosmetics and personal care items.  

Jordan Bucknell, chief executive of Upbeat Agency said, “The European cosmetics and personal care industry has experienced notable expansion, fuelled by a rising consumer awareness of health, wellness, and self-care items.

"Among these products, skincare emerges as the dominant category, commanding over 27% of the European cosmetics market in 2019.

“The growing impact of social media suggests that cosmetic brands excelling in social media presence and appeal are poised for sustained success.

"As of 2023, Fenty Beauty leads the celebrity-owned beauty industry in revenue, generating $602.4 million (£520.5m) in 2023.”

Full ranking of beauty spend

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 22nd Apr 2024

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