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Published 08th Apr 2024 by Lollie Hancock

Professional Beauty’s Educator of the Year 2023 and owner of Sirens Hair & Beauty Salon and The Hair & Beauty Directory shares her five must-have products 

Hypo21 Purifying Skin Spray 

The Hypo21 Purifying Skin Spray is a pure
hypochlorous acid skincare solution, suitable for use on all skin types and ages to help tackle a range of concerns. 

Why Helen loves it: “I use this product for everyone and everything. Have a rash? Hypo21. Breaking out? Hypo21. 

“We introduced the product as part of our lash services in March and it has been a game changer for clients who find they get irritation. We simply spray it on with a nano mister after finishing the lashes, and clients keep a bottle at home to spritz when needed.” 

The Gel Bottle Builder in a Bottle 

The Gel Bottle’s Builder in a Bottle (aka BIAB) is a file-off builder gel developed to strengthen natural nails and work as an overlay. 

Why Helen loves it: “BIAB has been a game-changer for the nail side of my salon. I didn’t really intend on focusing on nails as a business, but BIAB has given such great results, wearability, and value that our clients are addicted – and so am I. I think people with beautiful, groomed nails look like they just have their life together, but I’ve never been able to hold anything on my nails. I was so envious of all our clients’ beautiful nails that I gave BIAB a go at the start of the year and it’s worked.” 

Danné Montague-King Herbal Pigment 

The Herbal Pigment skin-softening oil from Danné Montague-King (DMK) has been formulated with a blend of herbal oils to reduce signs of pigmentation while nourishing and strengthening skin. 

Why Helen loves it: “I’ve been obsessed with the DMK range ever since I tried it out at the Skin Games Conference in 2019. “I use Herbal Pigment every day myself because it’s not only incredibly hydrating, but also really helps my pigmentation issues while tackling fine lines. Packed with vitamin C and beta- glucan, it’s a must-have in all of our facial treatments and big part of our clients’ homecare routines, too.” 

Fillmed NCTF 135 HA 

Used by Ward in her mesotherapy treatments, Fillmed’s NCTF 135 HA is formulated with over 60 ingredients, including 12 vitamins and 24 amino acids. 

Why Helen loves it: “It can be difficult to find skincare products that deliver on their promise. I’m big on the science and biology side, so I want to see these promises backed up by science that I can understand. That’s what Fillmed does with NCTF, providing clinical trials and proven results.“Loaded with 60 essential ingredients, it allowed me to take our microneedling and mesotherapy to the next level, while having the confidence that it is safe for our clients.” 

Lash Box LA Superhero Iconic Bond 

Lash Box LA’s Superhero with Iconic Bond Technology extension adhesive has a seven-to-eight-week retention with a thin viscosity, available in seamless black. 

Why Helen loves it: “I get a lot of lash adhesives to try, and I am quite picky about what I want from adhesive, with top priority being as safe and irritant-free as possible. “I picked up this product in Vegas at the IBS show in June and I’ve been sold on it since – I’ve just bought the entire LA Lash Box range to try. I’m getting very few ‘stickies’ with it, and it adapts so well to changing humidity and temperature.” 

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Lollie Hancock

Lollie Hancock

Published 08th Apr 2024

Lollie Hancock is a content writer at Professional Beauty. She creates content for the website, magazine and social media channels. Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

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