10 things to look for in your microblading training provider

Published 17th Oct 2018 by PB Admin
10 things to look for in your microblading training provider

As the popularity of microblading continues to grow, so too has the number of training academies. It’s pretty easy to find a training academy nearby to you, but how can you ensure that you pick the right place that will lead you towards career success? We outline 10 things you should be looking for in your training provider: 

1. Training duration

Microblading can’t be mastered in a couple of days, it takes weeks, even months, of careful step-by-step training to learn one of several techniques before moving onto the next. You’ll need a thorough knowledge, understanding and practical skills in brow templates, colour theory, hair stroke design and application technique, along with health, safety and skin anatomy, too.

2. Live models

Ensure your training includes developing your techniques on live models while under the watchful eye of an Elite Artist Trainer. This not only gives you the confidence of working on real people, but it also teaches you the people skills needed to communicate with your clients properly and how to deal with different face shapes and skin types. 

3. Commercially-focused trainers

You need to ensure the person who teaches you lives and breathes microblading and that they’re honing and adjusting their techniques in regular clinics. This means that their knowledge of current trends and techniques is second to none. 

4. Quality products 

The results achieved in microblading are heavily influenced by the products used in treatments. The hand tool needs to assist you in creating beautiful, fluid hand movements, and the pigments need to create natural-looking hues that last. If either lets you down, clients will blame you. An artist is only as good as their tool. 

5. Home study

Look for courses that offer significant home study. You don’t want to cram in the extensive theoretical side of microblading into PowerPoint presentations in class. Train at your own pace so you retain the knowledge better and enjoy more practical development, while attending the academy training days. It’s a more efficient way to learn and much more enjoyable too.

6. Dedicated facilities 

Microblading is an invasive treatment which requires clinical levels of hygiene. Therefore, it’s best performed in an environment where the possibility of cross-contamination has been designed to minimise risk. Ensure your chosen training academy is fit for purpose and completely professional. If it isn’t, alarm bells should be ringing.

7. The qualification

Ensure you can secure your treatment licence and your career with a minimum of a Level 4 qualification. Do not opt for courses with their own in-house qualifications, they are not recognised by local authorities and could jeopardise your career. 

8. Hertiage 

Does the training provider have a long and distinguished reputation for delivering quality permanent make-up and microblading training? Due to microblading becoming more popular, opportunists will inevitably enter the arena to make financial gains while the iron is hot. 

9. Awards

An award is like the ultimate third-party endorsement. Seek out the award winners, especially those who have a track record of winning regularly. 

10. Promotional support

Training providers need to go beyond simply teaching the technique, they must create commercially-focused artists who will succeed in their new career. Clients won’t simply find you, you need to promote yourself. Ensure your training provider provides tools and advice using the latest marketing mediums to help you build a successful career. Choosing a training provider can be daunting. Be sure to weigh up your options carefully and make your decision carefully based on research.

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PB Admin

PB Admin

Published 17th Oct 2018

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