How 1,500 beauty salon professionals have prepared for reopening post-coronavirus

More than 1,500 beauty and hair professionals have already taken the steps to get ready to reopen their salon business post-coronavirus, and we can reveal their secret. 

It’s safe to say that the past few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind of emotions and while things may still be a little unsure, more than 1,500 salon professionals have decided to make the best out of Covid-19 lockdown and get ready for their salon reopening – and it’s not too late for you to join in.

On Monday, April 20, Phorest Salon Software launched its annual 30Days2Grow challenge but the Quaranteam Edition. The challenge is designed to help beauty salon owners and their teams work positively on their business, getting ready for the day they can reopen. 

What is the #30Days2Grow challenge?

Now more than ever is the perfect time to work on your salon business, as well as yourself, and the #30Days2Grow challenge is able to offer you just that. The challenge is free and open to all beauty and hair salon professionals across the globe – Phorest and non-Phorest accounts. 

For 30 days straight Phorest provides participants with impactful, yet easy-to-execute, tasks designed to benefit your beauty and hair business during these trying times. The tasks are based around seven themes which are:  

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Shared via Instagram, salon owners receive the tasks daily which are supported by a range of content, ranging from templates, webinars, podcasts and ebooks. 

Some examples of the most popular tasks during the first week were setting up weekly calls with staff who are on furlough and the self-mediation series, helping salon owners not only look after their business but also themselves. This is key during these trying times. 

Other tasks included: 


Salon owners can jump right in and start with this week’s challenges – even seven days of daily tasks can make all the difference for your business as well as your mindset. Better yet, you can also catch up on the challenges from day one in your own time as they are saved on the Phorest Instagram account. 

If you’d like to get yourself in the best place possible, make sure to register for the 30Days2Grow challenge today


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