22 MUAs awarded at the Warpaint North Make-up Championships 2018

Big name MUAs and amateur artists alike battled it out to take home top prizes at the Warpaint North Make-up Championships 2018. 

The one-day competition, which took place at Professional Beauty North on October 22, saw competitors go head-to-head in four prestigious categories, with judges examining how well they interpreted the theme, applied the product and showed off different technique work and originality. 

There were student and professional divisions in each category, so MUAs at every level could take part. 


The winners of the Warpaint North Make-up Championships are:

Category and theme: Runway – Flora and Fauna 


First place: Monta Jekabsone, Melvic Academy

Second place: Bethan Neal, Preston’s College

Third place: Leanne Charlston, Bradford College



First place: Vanessa Perry

Second place: Sanita Liepina

Third place: Ruth Moulden

Highly Commended: Kerry Astill


Category and theme: Real Beauty – Classic Beauty Icons

Sponsored by: Brightmond 


First place: Stacey-Leanne Clarke, Bradford College

Second place: Mia Breeze, Manchester College

Third place: Lucy Lancaster, Manchester College


Category and theme: Body Painting – The Four Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water


First place: Abigail Howat, Bradford College

Second place: Aoife Singleton, Crumlin College

Third place: Lauren Taylor, Bradford College



First place: Katy Groves

Second place: Helen Miles

Third place: Michelle Gray


Category and theme: Film & TV – Christmas Movies 


First place: Ellie Gribble, Bradford College

Second place: Ashleigh Morris, Bradford College

Third place: Jade Humberstone, Bradford College



First place: Francesca Taylor


Other awards:

College Cup

Sponsored by: VTCT

Winner: Bradford College


Pro Artist

Winner: Vanessa Perry


Rising Star

Winner: Ellie Gribble, Bradford College

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