Lash artists awarded in PB’s first-ever North Lash Championships

The UK’s best artists showcased their specialisms in different lash extensions at Professional Beauty’s first-ever North Lash Championships. 

The championship made its debut on the show floor at PB North on October 21–22 and was launched to support the growing lash industry, showcasing how these services could have considerable benefits for beauty businesses.

The competition, run by director Heather Hughes, comprised three categories: Classic, Russian 3D and New Volume, and for each category there was three divisions: Novice (for competitors who have up to 18 months’ industry experience), Professional (from 18 months to three years) and Expert (three years or more).

First-place winners took home a trophy and industry recognition, and will be featured in the December issue of Professional Beauty magazine, while all other entrants received a certificate. 

The winners of our first-ever North Lash Championships are:

Classic category winners

Novice division:

First place: Natalie Barton-Phillips 

Professional division:

First place: Natalie Vo

Expert division:

First place: Megan Thomas

Second place: Andrea Pickford

Third place: Lindsay Chambers


Russian 3D Volume category winners

Novice division:

First place: Inese Liepina

Professional division:

First place: Antonia Derkats 

Expert division:

First place:Kit Mcall


New Volume category winners

Novice division:

First place: Natalia Osinska 

Second place: Rebecca Collyer

Third place: Dominique Stanner 

Professional division:

First place: Megan Jordan

Second place: Sarah-Anne Barham 

Third place: Natalie Vo 

Expert division: 

First place: Kit Mcall 


The Lash Championships will also run at the 2019 Professional Beauty London show, with entries opening later this year. Register your interest for PB London 2019 here