30-something men are biggest beauty spenders

British men in their 30s are feeling the pressure to look good and look young, causing them to spend on average £100 (US$164) a month on grooming and skincare products. Research carried out by UK department store Debenhams, in which 1,000 men were surveyed, found that men in their 30s lead the spending on male grooming products, ahead of men in their 40s, who part with an average of £70 (US$115) a month.

Men in their 50s spend £45 (US$74) a month, with those in their 20s having the most restrained spending, at £35 (US$57) a month. The 30-something British man is prepared to pay up to £50 (US$82) for a moisturiser and £40 (US$65) for an anti-ageing eye cream.

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