63% of Brits worry they look old

63% of Brits worry that their face shows signs of ageing and almost half of these said they’d tried anti-ageing remedies.

Skincare brand Remescar conducted a survey of 2,198 Brits aged 18 and over and asked what they do to combat signs of ageing, to coincide with the launch of its Remescar Eye Bags and Dark Circles product.

The majority of respondents said they had tried anti-ageing products (51%), while for 40% placing teabags over the eyes was a popular trick. 33% thought strict skincare habits like daily exfoliation and moisturising were key to getting worry-free skin, and 11% thought applying extra-virgin olive oil would beat signs of ageing.

Just 5% of those asked said they’d opted for Botox and 6% had chosen a chemical peel for fresher, younger-looking skin.