Bright outlook

At a time when longer and more indulgent treatments that make us feel pampered, while delivering noticeable results, are vying with express treatments as a strong trend, the new Pigment Corrector facial from QMS Medicosmetics fits squarely into the former category. While very much a targeted treatment, developed to address dark spots and hyperpigmentation, its 90-minute duration also makes it feel something of an indulgence. My facial at the QMS flagship spa and boutique in London’s Knightsbridge began with a thorough double cleanse, using the Deep Cleansing and the Freshening Tonic, followed by exfoliation with the Exfoliant Fluid.

The latter, which helps remove dead skin cells by dissolving the glue that holds them together, was left on the skin for 10 minutes before being carefully wiped off with water. The facial’s in-depth preparatory process, designed to make the skin as receptive as possible to the benefits of the new Skin Tone Light Serum around which the treatment is built, also included the piece de resistance of a number of QMS facials, the oxygen boost. This process comprises the direct delivery of oxygen to the skin, in the form of a machine pumping out an oxygen concentrate that blows like a light wind across your face. The infusion of oxygen is not only said to rejuvenate the skin and stimulate cell regeneration, but also to make it as responsive as possible to the products that are later applied.
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