Nights out cost women up to £40,000 on beauty during lifetime

British women spend up to £40,000 in a lifetime to make sure they look good for nights out, reveals a new study.

Online hair and beauty retailer asked 540 women between the ages of 18 and 50 how much they spend on their hair and make-up for a night out.

On average women spend £104 a month, which equates to £1,248 a year. A "going-out lifetime" was calculated as 32 years, bringing the total to £39,936 over that time.

The biggest cost each month was tanning, with most spending around £30 on self-tan, although some of the women opted for a slightly more expensive spray tan.

The second biggest spend was on nails, with those surveyed saying they spend £25 on a manicure or do it themselves and often spend £5 on a new nail polish to match their outfit.

The third biggest cost was getting their hair blow dried, with women spending £20 on average for this.

Eyebrow waxing and tinting was the next cost at an average of £10 a month, followed by eyelashes and lipsticks at around £7.