PB meets Tim Clover, CEO of Forme Laboratories

PB: What is the background of the company and what type of products do you offer?

TC: We launched Forme Labs in order to commercialise technology from a member of our advisory board Professor Hamley at the University of Reading which found that a key combination of peptides cause the body’s own skin to nearly double its production of collagen. This is extremely important for menopause when collagen levels drop dramatically and lead to skin damage and ageing. STRATUM C was created using exact specifications from this research along with a number of other ingredients critical to menopausal skin such as hydrating, nourishing and conditioning ingredients like HA, Squalane, Vitaimins and Wrinkle Reducing Peptides. There are 2 million menopausal women in the UK and we find it incredible that STRATUM C is the first product designed exclusively for their needs.

PB: What is your most popular product and what do you think makes it popular?

TC: STRATUM C MENOPAUSE PROTECT CREAM is our signature product that contains all the magic ingredients in a luxurious Jojoba and Apricot Oil moisturiser. TV presenter Linda Barker, who uses STRATUM C to protect her skin through menopause, recommends the product.

PB: What makes your products special over the competition?

TC: We designed STRATUM C only for menopause – everything is targeted at providing the best ingredients without compromise. Mature skin ranges have bigger target audiences but contain compromises on the ingredients list. We think niche skin care is an interesting development and allows clinic owners the chance to really target treatments and products at their clients – further differentiating themselves.

PB: How cost effective are your products when introducing them into a salon?

TC: We offer very interesting trade margins, limited distribution, a unique product and no high street competition.

PB: Do you provide any extra services, advice or training programmes for professionals who use your products in their salons? 

TC: We offer training documents and are currently recruiting a team of beauty therapists to support local marketing.

PB: Why should salon owners visit your stand at the show?

TC: STRATUM C is a completely unique product in a market full of very similar products. Menopausal women are some of the wealthiest in our market with the greatest need for skin care products and the highest desire to invest in their appearance. This will really position your salon as specialist.

PB: Are you having anything new on your stand at the show?

TC: We will be launching our range extension into STRATUM C Menopause Pigment Correction Gel to address menopause related age / liver spots, STRATUM C Menopause Spot Relief designed specifically for Menopause Acne and STRATUM C Menopause Gentle Cleanser which is a Rose Hip Seed gel cleanser for menopausal skin and beautifully complements our skin care range.

PB: Will you be having any special offers exclusive to the show?

TC: Yes – a special offer retail starter pack.

PB: What tips would you give salon owners looking to introduce a new line into their salon?

TC: Tailor your products more closely to your client list. Find out who are your top clients and provide specialist services for them. Include education on why you are tailoring products to their ages and stages of life. STRATUM C can be part of that process for your 45-60 year old women. 

PB: What else is going on outside of show activities?

TC: We are working hard on business development opportunities on more menopause related products – watch this space !! 

To find out more, visit Stratum C - Forme Labs on stand U2 at Professional Beauty London, taking place on 23-34 February at ExCeL. Register for your FREE ticket here.